Trulia: renters more likely to live in tight spaces than homeowners

Trulia report measured the percentage of renter and owner households who are in a space crunch
  • Los Angeles is the top city for owners and renters in a tight space situation, followed by New York City, Anaheim, Riverside and San Francisco.
  • Chicago is the highest ranking Midwest city on the list, although Minneapolis and St. Louis also ranked within the top 25.
  • Houston residents who own are slightly more likely to share a room, ranking no. 5 for the category.

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Determining the amount of bedrooms in a home is one of the first decisions buyers and renters have to make, and in some metros it can be hard to find the perfect fit. To help determine which metros are most likely for homebuyers and renters to bunk up in a room, Trulia released a new report, titled the "Bunk Bed Generation." Decades ago, sharing a bedroom was a commonality. Two, three kids to a room was the reality for many families, but as homes began to grow and modernize, that way of life became less common. In 2009, 14.2 percent of households had fewer bedrooms than family members. Today, that figure is 0.5 percent higher, at 14.7 percent of households. Trulia used the U.S. Census 2014 5-year American Community Survey data to determine which cities have people facing a space crunch. Married couples and children were assumed to need a bedroom each. Accoridng to the report, renters are squeezed into a space without having a bedroom for each individual or couple more ofte...