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HomeSuite’s ‘Book Now’ functionality streamlines rental process

The short-term rental company is aiming to streamline the process for tenants and landlords
  • HomeSuite announced its "Book Now" feature that enables renters to find and secure a place in just one click.
  • All tenants are vetted through the platform, so all landlords have to worry about is making sure their money comes through each month.
  • HomeSuite says it wants to enable new renters and homebuyers to find a place after feeling confident with the neighborhood they pick.

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Short-term rental housing comes with its own stresses and obstacles, so one company is aiming to make the process slightly less of a headache. HomeSuite, a short-term rental website, recently announced its one-click booking experience for renters to streamline the process of securing and booking a place. Similar to the way hotel booking works today, HomeSuite aims to cut the lengthy short-term rental process and enable both parties to put their time and hard-earned money elsewhere. For both landlords and renters, the new system is expected to eliminate both hassle and money wasted. Because all tenants are vetted through the site, the landlord has little to do if they opt to rent units through the "Book Now" feature. Once units are rented, landlords just receive payments each month. Since many renters are coming from out of state, the website enables a photo-heavy page so that future tenants can get a real grasp on a space without physically being there. And for the landlo...