Now you can search, sign leases and pay rent from one site

RadPad 'closes the loop' on end-to-end apartment rental transactions
  • Rental site RadPad now lets renters digitally sign leases.
  • That means renters can now complete the entire rental transaction process -- and pay rent throughout their tenancy -- on RadPad.
  • However, renters can only digitally sign leases through RadPad for listings that have been manually added to the site by landlords.

Fitting all the the moving parts of a fragmented transaction process into a single choo-choo train to closing has long been the aspiration of real estate tech entrepreneurs. RadPad may have just delivered — to renters, at least. Thanks to new integration with Docusign, consumers can now use the rental site to find and apply for listings, sign leases and make payments throughout their tenancy.