Now you can search, sign leases and pay rent from one site

RadPad 'closes the loop' on end-to-end apartment rental transactions
  • Rental site RadPad now lets renters digitally sign leases.
  • That means renters can now complete the entire rental transaction process -- and pay rent throughout their tenancy -- on RadPad.
  • However, renters can only digitally sign leases through RadPad for listings that have been manually added to the site by landlords.

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Fitting all the the moving parts of a fragmented transaction process into a single choo-choo train to closing has long been the aspiration of real estate tech entrepreneurs. RadPad may have just delivered -- to renters, at least. Consumers can now use the rental site to find and apply for listings, sign leases and make payments throughout their tenancy. Thanks to integration with DocuSign, the startup has "close the loop on end-to-end apartment rental transactions" by rolling out a feature that lets landlords use RadPad to upload or create leases for renters to sign through RadPad, said RadPad spokesman Kyle Austin in a statement. It's the startup's latest step towards towards molding a platform that nurtures what it says are shifting renting practices that are blurring the lines between short and long-term units.   Screen shot of sample RadPad digital lease. Consumers could already use RadPad -- which claims to receive 500,000 unique visito...