How to create a buying frenzy to sell listings faster and for more money

Devin Doherty shares his aggressive pricing and open house strategies
  • More than 50 percent of Devin Doherty's listings come from referrals and repeat clients, which is key because his business is built on trust.
  • To use an aggressive pricing strategy like Doherty's, you have to know that there are enough buyers in the area who are interested in that specific type of property.
  • Doherty only allows six to 10 buyers in an open house at a time with others waiting in line for their turn.

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Could you use a real estate strategy to help you sell listings faster for more money? When it comes to selling real estate listings faster and getting sellers a higher sales price at closing, Devin Doherty is definitely an expert. And lucky for listeners, Doherty went into detail on exactly how you can take his strategy and sell your listings faster for more money. Let's take a look at how he does it: Sell listings faster with repeat clients and referrals During his real estate podcast interview, Doherty told Hiban one of the keys to his success was that more thanĀ 50 percent of his listings come from referrals and repeat clients. Why is the vital to his listing strategy? Well, it all starts with trust. Because Doherty uses a strategy to sell listings that is different than most other agents and one which requires sellers to be willing to take some risk, there needs to be a high level of trust. Referrals and repeat clients know first-hand about his track record of success...