Podcast: Use embedded commands to influence buyers and sellers into action

4 tips from Brian Curtis
  • Real estate agents should first have an excellent rapport with an individual to truly see the benefit and persuasiveness of embedded commands.
  • Because embedded commands, verbal or written, operate for the most part at the unconscious level, they are not likely to cause resistance.
  • You should always end the phrase with the embedded command on a downstroke.

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Want more real estate listings? Start using embedded commands on real estate listing appointments. Looking to improve your lead conversion numbers with your real estate marketing efforts? Insert embedded commands paired with benefits into your sales letters, marketing emails and landing pages. Real Estate Rockstar Brian Curtis shares exactly how to use this powerful persuasion technique proven to influence buyers and sellers into action in this podcast interview with Pat Hiban, and we share some of his tips in the post below. The basics: Embedded commands Exactly what in the heck are embedded commands, and how can they help you get more real estate listings, attract more buyer clients and increase your real estate profits? Simply put, an embedded command is a command, operating at the unconscious level, inside a question or a statement used with the purpose of getting a person to think something or do something without seeming to be ordering them to do so. An even simpler w...