Brokerage’s ‘Best Buyer’ report gives agents tactical marketing advice

Pacific Union agents have been given a new tool to help pinpoint buyers in their markets who they can specifically target in their marketing.
  • Pacific Union is using new real-time demographic technology to enable its agents to better compete for listings.
  • The company's "Best Buyer" report enables agents to show sellers which types of people are most likely to buy their property given recent market activity.
  • The initiative also includes a C-suite product, which gives the broker useful demographic information to help with forecasts.
  • The data helps agents stage the home best for the likely buyer.

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Pacific Union CEO Mark McLaughlin is used to seeing some of his top real estate agents approached by other brokerages. The expansive tech-led company, Compass -- currently recruiting for a base in San Francisco -- is one of the more persistent ones at the moment. "Our people, real estate professionals and leadership team, are approached daily by competitors, including Compass," said McLaughlin. "My role is to ensure Pacific Union provides not only the most compelling platform to work from but also the most engaging culture for people to thrive in this competitive yet cooperative industry.” In a bid to give his agents a competitive edge, the CEO and his chief technology advisor, Alexander Paine, have recently teamed up with Chris Foley, chair of Bay Area tech company Totomic, whose insight engine matches people to properties in real time. The collective aim has been to equip agents with more detailed information about buyers in their markets so they can compete more effe...