The 5 essential pillars of a lead-generating real estate blog

These aren't super complicated or hard -- but they will be critical to your end results
  • Your actions must be rooted in the right strategy so that you are converting leads before they come into your pipeline.
  • There is a process that you can go through that makes blogging a breeze. But when you don’t use these tools or understand this process, blogging becomes drudgery.
  • Putting out canned content will work against you in a multitude of ways.
  • MAS is an acronym for measure, analyze, scale. Always be measuring, analyzing and scaling.

If you want a business that builds know, like, and trust relationships before they come into your lead pipeline and eliminate the awkward follow-up calls trying to convince uninterested, unmotivated people that they need you, then you need to blog — but with a caveat: You’ve got to blog with the right strategy.