The No. 1 thing you are doing that is killing your email marketing

It's better to attract people rather than repel them with your bad habits
  • Emailing your entire contact list should never be done -- ever.
  • Claiming ignorance of the CAN-SPAM act doesn’t absolve us of the consequences.
  • Building a list of people who want to be on your list is your top priority.

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I’m on a soapbox, and I’m very feisty. What am I feisty about? Email! Well, actually, I’m feisty about real estate agents killing their opportunity to leverage email marketing because they keep doing this one thing. The reality is that this has been going on for years -- nearly two decades, in fact -- and I don’t know if it’s ever going to stop. Real estate agents are constantly emailing me their crap, unsolicited For whatever reason, I’m in their contacts list. I am there for any number of reasons, but the fact is I’m in their list of contacts, and no matter where they are in the world, they send me their email crap. Their open house announcements. Their holiday emails. Their monthly email newsletter. Their solicitations. Why do I call it crap, and why is it a problem? It’s a problem because I didn’t ask them to email me. I didn’t opt-in to receive commercial emails from them. I didn’t sign up for their email list, and yet, I get their emails. Someone ...