Congratulations! You’ve ‘hacked’ your business to death

Trying to chase ever-changing algorithms -- or shortcuts -- will destroy your business
  • Stop searching for the perfect post or the hot new SEO trend. They don’t exist. In fact, what’s “hot” today, kills you tomorrow.
  • You must consistently be valuable. You must consistently be relevant. You must always be building relationships.
  • When you say you don’t have time to be consistent, and you’re spending time chasing hacks, magic bullets and shiny objects -- you’re lying to yourself.

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Have you heard that you should be commenting on all kinds of blogs so that your own website gets pushed up in ranking? Have you heard that you can hijack viral topics on Facebook so that they drive engagement (likes, comments, shares) on your own Facebook page? Have you heard that you should research your keywords and make sure they are a specific percentage in each of your blog posts? Have you heard that if you want to be seen on Facebook you need to just be focusing on sharing viral cat videos? Have you heard that chasing any one of these ideas is futility at it’s finest? When you chase SEO (search engine optimization) or Facebook reach, you’ll fail. You’ve got to stop chasing the algorithm. What do I mean? I mean that real estate agents (and agents, you are not alone; it’s not just the real estate industry) focus on chasing the algorithm by focusing on “reach” and “engagement." We spend inordinate amounts of time, focusing on trying to get people to respond t...