The art of #hustle: Why most of us don’t know what it means

Are you hustling, or are you rustling?
  • If we aren’t sacrificing the status quo, we aren’t hustling
  • When we are “busy” and we aren’t closing transactions, we aren’t really “busy."
  • We justify our actions because we are scared to be honest with ourselves

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I bet you have seen the word hustle used all over the interwebs. I’m willing to bet many of you even use the word hustle to describe your activities. But what does hustle mean? Seriously, with the greats -- such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Jon Acuff and Stu McLaren -- you are going to see a variety of definitions of hustle. In reality, we use hustle as slang, and it’s changed over the past few years. Technically, hustle is defined as both a verb and a noun. It’s about getting things by forceful action or persuasion, and it’s about busy movement and activity. Because the definition is morphing, you are going to see people use it in both positive and negative ways. What is hustle? In a positive light, it’s focusing on the goal and sacrificing the status quo to attain that goal. As an example, I do not watch TV. It is never on in our house -- ever. Instead, I use that time with my family, reading, doing stress-detox relaxing, going on dates with my hubby, having pre-...