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RatePlug joins Northern California’s largest MLS

Let your clients know all of their payments as they change in realtime
  • Northern California's largest MLS, MetroList, will now use RatePlug to help clients determine monthly payments.
  • RatePlug is currently available to more than 750,000 real estate agents in the country.
  • The service is provided free to the MLS, but local lenders must pay to have their rates used and advertised on the MLS.

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Do you have buyers worried about what the monthly mortgage would be on a house they haven't bought yet? What about the insurance payments? RatePlug is here to help. RatePlug CEO Brad Springer The technology has already been implemented in various MLSs across the country, but the most recent is MetroList Services, Inc., Northern California's largest MLS. This implementation affords over 17,000 more real estate agents access to the technology. The Chicago-based RatePlug also joined MLSListings earlier this year, another Northern California MLS, granting 15,000 agents access to the mortgage technology. RatePlug's mortgage technology tracks interest rates from local lenders, but there's more to it than just mortgage rates. What does this mean for buyers? "MetroList agents can now provide homebuyers a clear picture of what they really can afford upfront and as they are viewing a property," Dave Howe, director of MLS operations at MetroList, said in a statement. The ide...