In this week’s episode of Sam Speaks!, Samantha DeBianchi interviews real estate broker Joe Rand, who talks about his service philosophy and more. You can subscribe on iTunes, or watch below:

Some memorable quotes:

  • “People who manage hotels or manage restaurants or nightclubs — they learn how to treat people, and they realize that you can be of service to people without being subordinate or being subservient.”
  • “We’re in the business of providing people with really good experiences, and you have to manufacture that in some way.”
  • “So many times agents go in to meet with a client, and they just push a mass amount of material on the table that the client has to read … How is the person supposed to read the testimonial when you’re talking to them?”
  • “The first time you meet with somebody, you’re making promises. So what can you do to substantiate those?”
  • “I see agents showing up for their buyer appointments to take somebody out, and they’ve got a bunch of crappy-looking MLS sheets that they’ve printed out of the properties they’re going to show … Most companies have really nice tools to print up really beautiful materials for a client … You want to make that effort to make that impression.”
  • “You should never meet somebody at a property; you should meet them at a neutral place, as a safety measure but also to be professional.”
  • “You’re a door-opener — you’re not actually working with them if you just take them into a property. You have to actually be able to put that into the context of other properties.”
  • “When it comes to your own social media, you have to recognize that anything you put up there can be seen by someone you’re going to be interviewing for a job with — someone you’re going to be interviewing to take their listing, to take them as a buyer, that they can look you up.”
  • Facebook is tough to really set very privately, but Instagram’s easier, so if you really want to post the pictures of you doing keg stands, post them on Instagram.”
  • “I always assume any email I send could be seen by somebody somewhere down the line, and I don’t want to put anything on paper that could make me look bad or be offensive to somebody else.”
  • “[Facebook groups] are terrific insofar as they involve people running them who are cultivating them, who are curating them, who are managing it.”
  • “I don’t understand how people have this much time, to be typing out responses to someone they’ve never met. I never engage in that. If anyone asks me a question, I will always answer their question if it’s directed to me … but I would never dive into a random conversation except in the very rarest of circumstances.”
  • “In the last 20 years, we’ve seen a change in how the commission dollar is apportioned, so whereas the broker might have been getting, say, 35 cents on the dollar 20 years ago, it might be more like 18 cents now, or 20 cents now. And quite honestly, brokers — what they’ve done to survive in an environment where there are dramatically higher agent splits is they’ve cut back on stuff; they’ve cut back on training; they’ve cut back on support.”
  • “You go into a job interview, you want to know what the salary is.”
  • “The brand, whether it’s a franchise or a big multistate company, means much less than the person who’s actually in that office.”
  • “Every company has tools, every company has brands. It’s how it gets implemented by the operator.”
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