Agents: Stop taking rejection personally — it’ll cost you

Why I learned to stop worrying and embrace it
  • Getting no for an answer is a normal part of being in sales, and it isn't for wimps or whiners.
  • Some of my friends have a much harder time handling my rejection than I do.
  • Friendships and family relationships are far more important than real estate sales.

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Handling rejection and the word “no” takes practice. It is tempting to take it personally, but it is best if we don’t -- and it is important to keep in mind that everything isn’t about us. Everyone knows a real estate agent or is related to one. Sometimes I’ll see a for sale sign in front of a friend’s house with another agent’s name on it, or I see the home of someone I know or have worked with on the MLS. Some real estate agents get pretty upset when a family member or past client chooses to work with someone else. Some get upset when they lose any listing to another agent. Their lives are filled with pain and drama just because they feel somehow entitled to business that they did not get. Competition is fierce; rejection is bitter In the areas where I like to work, there are hundreds of agents who can do the job and do it well. Competition is fierce, especially now that we are in a seller’s market. The first experience I had with rejection was when a c...