How white privilege makes my life easier

I never asked for it, but I was born with it anyway, and it affects me every day -- whether I like it or not
  • Ignoring and avoiding the conversation isn’t the answer -- and neither is hiding behind my white privilege and remaining silent.
  • My son's white privilege means that he can walk into a business or an open house, and he will be treated with respect instead of suspicion.
  • I don’t think I should have to explain that all lives really do matter, but it’s not all lives that are at risk right now -- at least, not to the degree that black lives are at risk.

There are a few things I have in life that I never asked for. Being white is one of them. I never asked to be white and I didn’t ask for white privilege, but it was bestowed upon me. I never had to earn it and I have benefited from it my entire life — in my education, housing and job opportunities.