Why we need to stop the glorification of ‘busy’

Do real estate agents equate being overworked with success?
  • Being busy doesn't mean you're good at your job.
  • Real estate can implement changes to put more emphasis on work-life balance.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. A colleague posted on Facebook one of those motivational-type images that read: "Stop the glorification of busy." I typically can't scroll past this nonsensical, often grammatically butchered content fast enough. But this one worked. It was relevant, and it connected. This particular colleague is also a yoga instructor, so I'm certain that was a very deliberate post. It matters to me to knowing something isn't haphazardly published. That post has stuck with me for weeks. And I think it's a message the real estate industry could benefit from hearing. Always on I've never met a real estate agent who could put off a phone call. Lunch meeting? Phone is on the table, reminding you that something somewhere is more important than your conversation. Granted, people in a lot of professions do this; real estate doesn't own the busy addiction. Unfortunat...