How to find work-life balance in real estate by choosing the right allies

Two women in real estate and health are trying to help others live up to their potential
  • People will respond much better to you being authentic on social media rather than showing yourself as a constantly sunny person.
  • Real estate is an industry which can easily lead to unhealthy choices.
  • Surround yourself with good allies who know you and support your goals.
  • Committing to time blocking is key to real estate agents' success.

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The day after celebrating her 30th birthday, Keller Williams top seller Rachel Adams was looking through photos and reaching her last straw. She'd already had a big wake-up call a couple of days earlier after a meeting with health and life coach, Nina Rowan Heller, at Keller Williams headquarters in Austin, Texas -- which revealed that her life was anything but under control, despite the happy woman people saw on social media and her impressive sales figures. Based in Roseville, California, Adams had gone from 0 to 200 transactions between 2012 to 2014, producing a $64 million total turnover, starting a team in her second year and becoming ranked in the top 1,000 agents in the country by The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends. But after seeing herself on this night out -- looking in dire need of a nap, wearing a dress that used to fit and a fake smile -- Adams, a recent divorcee, decided to take some steps so that she never looked like that again. As she describe...