• You'll never be successful as a secret agent! Don't hide what you do for a living just because you're uncomfortable with the idea of being a salesperson.
  • There has been a cultural shift in language and what's perceived as positive or negative; 20 years ago, sold signs were in, and today they are out.
  • When you learn how to sell to people to solve their problems, your mindset will change to being of service instead being self-serving.

Words don’t mean what they used to.

A few decades ago, buying something at an outlet was the real thing — just an overstock item sold at a discounted price. Now, an “outlet” actually makes a lower priced (and quality) item specifically for the outlet store.

It’s happened in real estate, too. Words like “sold,” “deal” and “buy,” once innocuous, are now considered dirty and are found on part one of our list of 18 deadly real estate sins.

Are you guilty of uttering these phrases and carrying around these habits? We’ll help you turn from your commission-killing ways with this updated approach.

The key is to reframe your presentation and choose key words carefully, so that buyers and sellers are more receptive to your communication. This is not lying or manipulation in any way.

For agents who are struggling with their own perceptions of the real estate field, this shift in language can restore comfort and confidence for everyone involved.

1. Don’t like calling yourself a salesperson?

Change your language to become more comfortable in sales so your prospects and clients will be more comfortable working with you.

2. Refer to yourself as a professional problem-solver, a real estate adviser or a trusted home adviser

Change the language, change your mindset.

3. What do you do for a living?

You’re not James Bond. Tell them! “I match the right homes with the right people. Who do you know who could use my help buying or selling property?”

4. How is the market?

The answer is the same always. “The market is excellent. Who do you know that I could be helping buy or sell real estate?”

5. Never say: monthly payment

Replace with: Monthly investment.

6. Never say: contract

Replace with: paperwork.

7. Never say: buy

Replace with: invest.

8. Never say: sold

Replace with: families served or families helped.

9. Never say: deal

Replace with: An opportunity.

So, are you a repeat offender? Are you guilty as charged, using these outdated phrases and expecting the same results as before?

Listen to the podcast today to get all the details on how to present this language and why it’s so critical to doing business in today’s changing market.

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