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Podcast: A survey of how agents are gauging the 2017 market

Results from our largest national agent survey to date
  • Changes in the real estate market have created uncertainty in our clients, which inspired us to explore the current state of the industry in our largest survey ever.
  • Thousands of agents have participated in helping us answer questions on the industry, their business priorities, the changing market place and much more.
  • Our survey indicates that the changing real estate marketplace is the largest cause for concern of agents, but that most seem prepared to cope with it based on past experience in challenging economic conditions.

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What’s more important to your future in real estate — the results of the presidential election or the current state of the economy?

Speaking of which, are you seeing warning signs of change in your local economy? Many agents are, and we’ve captured their feedback in the results of our new 2017 National Agent Survey.

As a coaching and training organization, we’ve been hearing rumors of market change for a while now from our clients.

We began seeing an increase in BPO (broker price opinions) volume a few months back, and we’ve been following recent news about an increase in foreclosures as well — as described in CNBC’s “What’s Behind A Sudden Foreclosure Spike.”

These stories and others prompted us to launch our largest-ever agent survey.

We wanted to dive in and explore not only what trends agents are seeing in their local area but also how they feel about today’s real estate industry, about their relationships with their brokers and trainers and several other notables worth trying to capture in numbers.

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Our survey results show unequivocally that the changing market is the largest concern of our survey participants, but it also showed optimism from agents who have “been there, done that and got the T-shirt” — meaning that they are aware of the pitfalls and challenges of a changing market and are capable of navigating them.

Listen to the show to learn more, and download a copy of the 2017 National Agent Survey Results in PDF format to view our survey for yourself. Stay tuned for part two of our survey next week.

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