Podcast: 3 undeniable facts on creating repeat and referral business

The things you think are making you money really aren't
  • The idea that you can brand your way to success is nearly impossible unless you have a massive advertising budget, and even then, what's the point? Less than 10 percent of people respond to advertising when making decisions about who to use.
  • Every top producer's No. 1 source of business is past clients and centers of influence -- always.
  • Your database is not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. You must be working to expand your list all the time, or it becomes obsolete.

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It’s the prized possession of top-producing real estate agents in the business — their center of influence and past client database. For agents who take this seriously, this is the group that can save you from a lifetime of never ending cold calls.

Once you build this group and continue to expand on it at every opportunity, you’ll find that the real source of your success is that small, but mighty repeat and referral fan club that’s actively supporting your business.

But how do you get that steady flow of business going? We have a plan, but let’s start with the facts you need to know first about creating a center of influence gold mine!

Fact: Connections almost always clinch the listing.  

When you look at that awesome listing that just hit the market, and you look at the listing agent and ask, “How did that agent get that listing?” — it’s almost always because the seller already knew the agent.

Goal: Be the agent who knows tons of people, and get that listing!

Fact: Everyone loves repeat and referral business.

The prospect already knows and trusts you. If you could choose who your next buyer or seller will be, wouldn’t you always choose someone you already know?

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Goal: Work to engage your past clients and stay top-of-mind with them.

Fact: A minimum of 10 percent of your database should be buying or selling with you every year.

That 10 percent is attainable, assuming that you speak with your sphere regularly.

Goal: You can only get those results when your regular communication is systematized, so hone your system until you are getting the results you desire. Don’t settle for less.

Now, when we say systematized, we don’t mean sending a barrage of unending drip campaign emails!

We are talking about consistent, direct, engaging outreach to the names on your list on a regular timetable throughout the year.

Listen to today’s podcast to get the full story on why these facts matter, what to do about them and how to get them into action.

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