How do you handle listing clients who want to FSBO?

Scripts for overcoming objections
  • This conversation can be avoided with the right pre-listing consult.
  • Every real estate agent should be confident with this conversation.
  • Learn to build trust and opportunity for future business and referrals.

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Your listing -- your official signed listing -- calls in a bit of a panic or emails you to avoid the conversation (and document the request) and says he or she wants to FSBO (for sale by owner). We are going to walk through some effective responses. Before we dive into the topic, make sure you know the legalities in your state and your broker’s policy for sellers who want out of their agreement. The situations that can lead to this FSBO conversation are many and varied. Did this happen 24 hours after signing the listing agreement or after 120 days with no offers and little communication from the agent? Both have implications with the agent. First, let’s talk about preventive medicine -- because in many cases, this could have been avoided. Prevent In the 24-hour scenario, how thorough was your pre-list consult? In your pre-listing appointment, did you: Thoroughly consult? Thoroughly establish your value including National Association of Realtor stats that 89 p...