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Cary Sylvester: 3 choices that propelled me as a leader in real estate

'When you see an opportunity -- go grab it,' says this female tech leader

Keller Williams' Vice President of Industry Development Cary Sylvester doles out advice for the real estate industry and women with their eyes on an executive-level position: 1. Take chances "I did a lot of things that maybe other people wouldn't do, that gave me the opportunity to work alongside people with a lot of experience. I got to volunteer for a lot of things that weren't part of my natural skill set," Sylvester says. 2. Be comfortable with failing "You're going to fail miserably at some point, and that's not a bad thing. Rebuild yourself; you're going to learn more from it." 3. Use networking over mentorship Sylvester found that a network of people was more beneficial as she climbed the ladder. "We helped each other; we could collaborate together; we celebrated successes; we competed against each other. But that network is really what helped propel me through the ranks, and it's a support network I have today."...