Special Report: Why aren't more women in real estate leadership?

Survey shows that qualified professionals are waiting in the wings for promotion opportunities
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  • The majority of respondents to this survey were women (70 percent).
  • Among female respondents, 40 percent said they would like to be top executives someday.
  • Seventy percent of female respondents felt women had the same opportunities in their organization as men.
  • However, 25 percent of female participants think they have fewer opportunities, compared to less than 3 percent of men who agreed women are at a disadvantage.
  • Nearly 40 percent of women felt that their gender had led to them missing out on a promotion, compared to 10 percent of men who reported the same.
  • A number of female respondents reported being passed over for a promotion in favor of someone less qualified.
  • Survey participants criticized gender imbalances at specific franchises, which responded to Inman with their approach to promotions and diversity.

For those women who want to leave sales and enter management (and there are plenty of them who participated in this survey), some are unclear as to how they would make the move — they’re not not seeing any routes at their disposal and are intimidated by the “boys’ clubs” they see in some of their firms.