9 ways to blaze the real estate virtual reality trail in 2017

  • Adoption of VR is expected to accelerate in 2017.
  • If 3-D marketing is part of your listing proposal, bring VR goggles to listing appointments and invite prospects to explore the tour virtually. Going the extra step will help agents stand out to clients.
  • Virtual reality can be an engine for increased efficiency, allowing clients and brokers alike to get a feel for more homes in a shorter time span.

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Dive into the latest Technology affecting RE, July 17, 2018

Many consumers found an odd-looking piece of equipment waiting under the Christmas tree this year: virtual-reality (VR) headsets. Fueled by a wave of holiday promotions, these gifts not only "wow" grandpa but also allow prospective real estate buyers to virtually explore homes from their living rooms. Adoption of VR is set to accelerate in 2017, as equipment and production costs fall and new products hit the market. 3-D provider Matterport estimates that anywhere from 4 percent to 6 percent of U.S. residential listings will include Matterport-powered tours by the year’s end, up from 2 percent today. Other firms that offer VR-compatible home tours include RealVision and Immoviewer. While the 2016 window may be closing, here are nine ways agents can stay ahead of the VR curve next year. 1. Create a virtual-reality station Agents can impress buyers, gauge their preferences and call attention to certain listings by encouraging visitors to plop into a comfy chai...