The 10 weirdest reasons real estate agents lost the listing

  • Realtors have faced rejection for just about every reason under the sun -- from price disputes to cult-related accusations.
  • In many cases, clients who reject agents for reasons that aren’t rooted in logic end up struggling to sell their properties in a timely manner.
  • Losing a listing for untraditional reasons can give you a better perspective on what’s truly important.

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One morning, Manhattan real estate broker Mitchell Hall was supposed to pick up a signed listing from a client. When he got word that his father had passed away, he headed to the hospital instead. Apparently unconvinced that this was a satisfactory excuse, the client, who had already told Hall of The Corcoran Group he would be getting the listing -- decided to go with another agent. The client never contacted Hall; he simply listed the property a few days later for $200,000 more than the price they’d previously agreed upon. In a textbook example of poetic justice, the property never sold, and a year later the client called Hall begging him to take the listing. In comments to Inman, Hall said that the loss of the listing gave him a better perspective on what’s important in life. “It’s just a listing,” he said. “It’s not life or death.” Hall shared his experience on a thread posted in the Raise the Bar in Real Estate Facebook group. The group’s stated purpo...