Ingrid's Stories

More than one-third of Americans are repulsed by the prospect of living next door to Justin Bieber, according to a survey that revealed the celebrities Americans would most (and least) like to share their neighborhoods with.

Apr 12

A company that prides itself on buying ugly homes fast has declared the results of its “Ugliest House of the Year” contest, and the winner could just as appropriately be described as the most heartbreaking house of the year.

Mar 17

Austin, Texas, is world renowned for its thriving cultural scene and world-class dining. And now it has another superlative to add to its list of achievements: Best American state capital to live in.

Mar 6

While you can spend hours perfecting charts and graphs and memorizing every fact about a given home, one listing presentation wild card always threatens to undermine your hard work: Client questions that seem to come straight out of left field.

Feb 20

One morning, Manhattan real estate broker Mitchell Hall was supposed to pick up a signed listing from a client. When he got word that his father had passed away, he headed to the hospital instead.

Jan 3