How to handle 'Why are the sellers moving?' like a pro

Agents rely on vague one-liners or use the question to get the best deal for everyone involved
  • Buyer agents get the same question all the time: "Do you know why the sellers are moving?"
  • There are multiple reasons why clients ask. It might be a roundabout way of discovering whether the house or neighborhood has any hidden problems or stigmas attached. Others may be trying to gain leverage by knowing just how motivated the seller is to move.
  • Agents take different approaches to their response, depending on what they perceive the client wants. Keep it vague and move on, or address the buyer's inquiries upfront.

The dawn of questionable Craigslist mattresses and ubiquitous internet phishing scams have done nothing to build trust among bartering strangers. So during the biggest financial decision of their life, clients expect agents to be on their side, shielding them against dishonest intentions. That means any question that comes to mind is bound to roll right off the tongue, no filter. Maddening as it may be, agents hear this one all the time: “Do you know why the sellers are moving?”