The top 10 homebuyer and seller fears in real estate

2 dueling perspectives on what each side has to worry about

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On the flip side of the joy and excitement that a home sale stirs up, real estate professionals must also guide clients through the wrung hands, stress dreams and emotional lows that wreak havoc when plans or promises fall through. And no one is immune to the anxiety or "what ifs" that creep into this high-stakes event, with life savings, financial futures and set hearts on the line. Below are two viewpoints that explore the most pressing fears that homebuyers and sellers experience. Taken together, the split perspectives that define and shape the real estate transaction emerge. Buyer fears Here are the most common fears that buyers have: 1. Price Are your buyers paying a fair price for the home? What if they are overpaying? What if similar properties in the area sell for less or prices drop? Should the buyer have waited, or did they pull the trigger too late? 2. Buying a money pit This is a big concern for every buyer, no matter how novice or seasoned they may be...