The 5 most common fears when it comes to selling a home

Inspections, low (or no) offers, lack of control and more
  • Selling a home can be a complicated process that stirs up numerous fears for sellers.
  • Although sellers select the offers, once under contract, buyers tend to control the transaction through their contingencies and required conditions to close.
  • Selling fears are both tangible and intangible, some driven by concrete challenges (property condition, lot, location or layout) and others unknown until the property comes on the market.

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What could homesellers possibly be scared of? After all, they're the ones holding the cards, right? They decide which offers to work with and what to turn down. A buyer’s fate is in their hands as they call the shots during a transaction. Newsflash: A seller is not in as much control as you (or they) might think. Here are the top five things that homeowners fear when selling their biggest financial asset: 1. Selling too low Just like buyers fear paying too much, sellers often worry over whether they could have gotten a higher price when they accept an offer. This can be particularly true when a home sells fast -- within the first day or a few days after hitting the market. Real estate professionals know that when this happens, it's most likely because the home was priced right, but a seller often has lingering thoughts about "what if" they could have asked for more. 2. How will the market respond to my home? What if buyers don’t run to the front door the ...