How to attract talented techies to your brokerage

Make your brand stand out and choose your tech systems wisely, say panel experts
  • Look at your own network and organization to decide if candidates have the skills you need.
  • Get in front of your target audience at events and online.
  • Figure out how to appeal to their lives outside of work.

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A growing number of brokerages want to be seen as tech-savvy real estate players -- but how do business leaders assemble a good tech team if they don't have the skills to recognize a good candidate? And how do they make their company appealing to these coveted engineers and developers? "Hiring amazing people is a power source for your organization, but hiring the wrong people can be a stress to the company," Google Global Staffing Manager Nina Temple said during a panel discussion at Inman Connect New York. Network and assess Temple suggested drawing on your own network and organization to assess whether a candidate has the right skills you need. "It's important to make the tech assessment early," she warned. "There is no point if they are good culturally but they can't do what you are hiring them for." Sometimes you can have a good feeling about a tech candidate, but they're just not good at selling themselves, so they might need a little help. After all, tech engineers...