Why real estate agents already own their best tech tool

Our mobile phones are genius devices and industrial design milestones. Why don't we use them for what they're intended?
  • Phone calls can accomplish much more in less time than most email threads.
  • Mobile phones are incredible pieces of technology, yet we neglect physical traits for slick operating systems and apps.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. I'm almost two years into writing Inman's real estate technology column, and there's one piece of technology I've yet to review, though it's been mentioned in probably 75 percent of all the articles we've published. And everyone reading this uses it already. I'm talking about our mobile phones. Whether you're an iPhone devotee or an Android user, it's time we recognize where real estate business would be today without the marvelous example of communications ingenuity that is the modern cellular phone. 5 emails = 1 phone call In terms of communicating with efficiency, a phone can't be beat. However, I'm referring specifically to an actual voice call, the act of dialing a number and then talking to the person who answers. What we seem to have forgotten about this great device is that we can strip away all the apps and games and camera features and still hav...