Lock opens door to missed homebuyer clients

Agent Lynne Parker Davis created the technology to help capture more leads and drive efficiency
  • Over a five-year period from 2012 to 2016, one agent found that 20.1 percent of people who visited her client’s models arrived either before or after hours.
  • She created NterNow, a lock that verifies a visitor's identity before sending a five-digit passcode to allow him or her property access.

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Whether sitting on an open house or occupying a new home sales center, real estate agents are going to miss a certain number of prospects who drop by too early or come by too late -- and there’s not much you can do about it. Right? The NterNow lock Agent Lynne Parker Davis of Marietta, Georgia, refused to accept that as a fact of life. Instead, she has devised a combination-lock entry system that allows people to gain access to a vacant house for sale, new or resale, at all hours of the day or night -- without an agent in tow and when the listing agent is not available. But more than an entry mechanism, NterNow (say it out loud) is a lead-capturing system that allows listing agents to land prospects they very easily could have missed, according to Davis, a 20-year licensee who has worked both the resale and new home markets in the Atlanta area and now hangs her hat at Atlanta Communities. And you’d be surprised how many missed opportunities there are. Davis sure was. ...