6 egregious mistakes real estate agents must stop making

  • A wealth of properties are unrealistically priced.
  • The quality of photos that are uploaded to the MLS is, in most cases, deplorable.
  • Don’t list a home in the MLS that isn’t ready for prime time.
  • Success in the real estate profession requires dependability.

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This writing piece is based on my personal experience, not as the owner of a company that specializes in marketing real estate, but posing as a prospective renter. It’s been almost four years since the last time I found myself looking for a home. While I spend a lot of time evaluating real estate and marketing trends, there is nothing like going through the actual experience to get an accurate picture of what is out there. 1. Marketing with unrealistic pricing A wealth of properties are unrealistically priced. The majority of homes I looked at were overpriced, with offers being rejected on some that had been sitting empty for several months. It’s incredible that a homeowner would prefer to lose money for months on end than to offer a fair market price that would attract more buyers. In other cases, homes that were originally listed for $650,000 had been reduced all the way down to $450,000. What were those real estate agents thinking? The obvious conclusion is that a...