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The case for killing the term ‘Realtor’

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Given all the things in real estate that require deep discussion -- conversations that often tax the brain -- I found myself pleasantly drawn to a light Facebook post recently about the Realtor moniker. The discussion rallied around its widely spread mispronunciation, which flies in the face of how the N.A.R. (the National Association of Realtors, often mispronounced as "Nar") wants the word uttered. The question posed: Why is a term that has been part of our lexicon for 100 years so misused? Easy. Going in for the kill At the onset, the word Realtor is what we refer to in branding as an "empty vessel." It’s a made-up word with no meaning -- no different than Intel, Lego or Pixar. The strength of an empty vessel is the clean canvas it provides the brand to imbue with meaning. The weakness occurs when what it’s filled with is unclear, light or meaningless. “Realtor” suffers from the latter. The pillar it was built upon -- ethics -- is ambiguous in nature (wha...