How micro-targeting can laser focus your real estate marketing

It's time to use technology to our advantage
  • Technology has changed where we market listings, but it still hasn’t changed how.
  • Listing agents have been using a shotgun approach; it is time to start using a laser instead.
  • This new approach can save agents and homeowners both time and money.

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Marketing is the heart of what real estate agents do, especially for those who primarily focus on listings rather than buyer clients. Undoubtedly, the internet and social media have changed where we advertise and market our properties, but thus far, it has not changed how. In fact, the how of marketing real estate has not changed in many, many years. The old way of marketing Common wisdom dictates that listing agents should expose their properties to as many eyeballs as possible in hopes that volume will lead to a buyer. And undoubtedly it does work, much like a shotgun. If you aim a shotgun at a target, it is hard to miss, since the spray of bullets covers such a large area. That something works does not mean it cannot be improved, though. Consider how much ammunition is wasted using a shotgun; a majority of the pellets don’t even hit their intended target. That is essentially what listing agents have been doing for generations now -- generally hitting their target...