How to save a real estate deal when clients play hardball

4 moves to break out when a transaction hangs by a thread
  • Like a lifeguard with lifesaving techniques, real estate agents employ deal-saving techniques when the transaction is starting to drown.
  • An agent must be resourceful and have an on-call team of problem-solvers to jump into action.
  • Diplomacy and negotiation skills are paramount to moving through challenges when buyers and sellers have crossed their arms and dug in their heels.

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Real estate professionals have to work their magic to save plenty of deals. Agents know all too well the twists and turns that this business brings. The appraisal comes in low; the home inspection has the buyer and seller locking horns over repairs; the walkthrough leads to the discovery of move-out damage; or the rug removal reveals major discoloration over the entire living area, where a buyer expected to see gleaming hardwood floors. A real estate deal is rife with umpteen deal disaster scenarios, every one worse than the next. But the real question is -- how do agents revive a transaction that is on life support and about to flatline? If only we could wave a magic wand, sprinkle some gold dust and make these problems go away. As we know, “problems” are really gifts of opportunities wrapped in disguise. Saving the deal gives us a chance to shine and show what we are really made of. Here are a few common rescue techniques from agents' lifesaving kits: Everyone eats I...