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San Francisco Bay Area MLSs to share ‘coming soon’ and pocket listings

RESAAS plans 'agent-only, nationwide pre-market listing service'
  • Two Bay Area MLSs have signed a deal to share "pre-market" listings with each other's members through a private social network from RESAAS.
  • This is an area where agents expect access to data without artificial barriers, according to one MLS CEO.
  • The deal provides "the foundation for an agent-only, nationwide pre-market listing service," according to RESAAS's president.
  • He expects more MLSs will choose to share pre-market content.

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When "coming soon" listings blazed into the spotlight nearly three years ago, MLSs had a choice: support what agents and brokers were already doing among themselves or try to quash it. Several -- many in hot real estate markets -- picked the former and set up their own "coming soon" listing status, allowing their members to generate buzz for listings before they officially became "active" on the MLS. And now, two California MLSs are taking the next step by sharing those upcoming "pre-market" MLS listings -- as well as private, non-MLS listings (also known as pocket listings) -- with each other. On Feb. 13, the San Francisco Association of Realtors (SFAR), which operates SFARMLS, and East Bay Regional Data Inc. (EBRD), an MLS for brokers and agents in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, have signed an agreement allowing their combined 7,500 members to share such listings through a private social network called RESAAS (Real Estate Software as a Service) RealTime MLS, according...