Coffee is for closers: 26 takeaways from 3 sophomore real estate agents

Professionals in their second year share what they've learned
  • Freshmen can and should learn from sophomores.
  • Find your real estate tribe and help each other.
  • Avoiding distractions and staying focused is a common challenge.

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I had coffee the other day with three of my favorite sophomore real estate agents. I coached all of them in their first year in the business, and we have stayed connected since. They are all in years two and three of their real estate careers: The 'About' section Lisi Buongiorno, Kasha Gamble and Nicholas Landis. Lisi Buongiorno Yes, you pronounce Lisi’s last name with your best Italian accent. Buongiorno lives and specializes in downtown Austin. She says some of the best networking downtown is simply taking the dogs out … it’s how you meet people in your building. Buongiorno has a strong business background.     Nicholas Landis  Landis is one of the most skilled networkers I’ve seen. He got into real estate because his family was involved, and he liked the idea of setting his own income expectations.   Landis’ first deal was a $1 million-plus expired with an endearing 84-year-old; that listing appointment lasted over six hours, they raised the pri...