7 ways solo real estate agents can beat the big teams

Strategies and systems that work in your favor
  • The best defense is a solid offense.
  • Big team does not mean financial success.
  • Be a better boss to yourself: Most solo agents could benefit from an uptick in systems and accountability.

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Are big teams making an impact in your market? You can compete. You can influence your market in ways they cannot. Let’s take a look at a few strategies that work in favor of the solo agent or small team. Relationships Real estate is historically a relationship and rapport-based business. It still is. You can build these connections better than the big teams. Make relationship and rapport the no. 1 focus in your business. Put it on the wall and build little systems around it. Those systems may look like: Touching base with contacts on the phone and in-person consistently Standard email and follow-up protocols Minimum of two coffees or lunches every week with someone you value Making personal connections on social media versus self-promotion In addition, be more direct regarding your business goals this year with scripts such as: Are you anticipating any real estate needs this year? Our goals is to help 36 families this year. Who do you know who may...