Bridge-building and the psychology of sales: A conversation with Portia Ryan

What one Realtor and trained psychologist has to say about selling homes
  • Your listening prowess (or lack thereof) has a big impact on your client conversion rate.
  • The old sales ABC (always-be-closing) is way off -- and annoying.
  • Improve your life and your business by learning some of the skills of your favorite therapist.

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Sales resistance: It’s common because we all hate being sold. We hate being sold; we hate being closed; we hate feeling manipulated. That's why the psychology of sales is actually all about feeling the responsibility to not manipulate when communicating with people. Because of social media, news outlets and entertainment via our handheld computers, we are so inundated with advertising on a nearly 24/7 basis that our natural "sales resistance" is at an all-time high. This makes it more important than ever to understand how the psychology of sales can impact our success. Meet the expert Portia Ryan Portia Ryan -- a Realtor, coach and psychologist -- holds a master's degree in clinical psychology as well as a post-graduate degree in naturopathic medicine. Ryan found me online years ago, and we have been helping each other ever since. She has been a licensed Realtor for 20-plus years, serving Orange County, California, northern Arizona and Flagstaff. Ryan has th...