Does the real estate industry take its homeownership love affair for granted?

Why agents, brokers and other inside players must change the narrative with passion
  • We, as real estate practitioners, likely do not openly focus enough on the importance of homeownership.
  • Failing to address the underlying opportunities homeownership provides may be a reason why sales success evades many real estate professionals.

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Have you ever taken for granted something important to you? For example, you may have had an old yet reliable car. You can recall that it was nothing fancy. That car carted you, your family and friends to every job, game, match, event and class without a sputter. Sadly, the shiny, seemingly “mint condition" vehicle with the enviable new car smell allows you to travel in style -- but for the first time, you have to call roadside assistance while stalled on the side of the highway. While waiting, you longingly remember “old faithful." As the adage goes, "you don’t miss your water 'til your well runs dry," or an updated version, "you don’t miss your iPhone 'til the screen is cracked beyond repair." In both cases, we often do not miss the vital and ingrained aspects of our lives until they are gone. When it comes to the real estate industry, our kryptonite assumption has to do with homeownership, and the American Dream. Dwindling homeownership Homeownership. ...