Trelora inviting homebuyers to talk directly to sellers

  • A low-fee Colorado brokerage is encouraging prospective buyers to chat directly with its seller clients through its website.
  • The feature could encourage more buyers to purchase Trelora listings without the help of another brokerage.

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

A Denver real estate agent recently refused to show a property listed by low-fee brokerage Trelora, according to Trelora CEO Joshua Hunt. That's because the listing, priced at $2.2 million, was only offering $10,000 to the agent for bringing a buyer, about one-sixth of what the agent could normally expect to receive on such a deal, he said. But that didn't diminish the buyer's interest in the home. So he dropped his agent and contacted the seller directly through a new feature on Trelora's website. " there was born a smooth and extraordinary home sale transaction led by a buyer and seller supported, as needed, by a lead agent and his transaction coordinator," Hunt said. Trelora, a low-fee Colorado brokerage with a history of ruffling feathers, now allows prospective buyers to communicate directly with its seller clients through a chat feature on its website. The brokerage believes the messaging platform, known as "Trelora Connect," will streamline tran...