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Diana Nyad on dedication, perseverance and living without regrets

The inspiring author, motivational speaker and long-distance swimmer challenges you to get familiar with failure

How can you evolve into the person capable of accomplishing your dreams? Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad knows a thing or two about taking on the seemingly impossible. After a 35-year quest and on her fifth attempt, she became the first person, shark-cage free, to swim from Cuba to Florida. That's 110.86 miles, and a lot of jellyfish stings. "Failure doesn't feel good," Nyad says in this exclusive video interview. "But ... I truly would rather fail over and over again and evolve and become everything I am than succeed in a quick, ungratifying way and never know how far my limits can reach." Listen in to hear her insights on: What can professionals learn from a dedication to long-term goals Persevering when failure seems inevitable The biggest influence in Nyad's life The one thing someone could do today to get closer to achieving a dream Daring to be great ...