Everything real estate agents need to know about 2017 tax deductions

More than 100 deductions, plus an explanation of how home office and mileage should work

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You can see the division in the streets: Some citizens walking around with hands in pockets, whistling jauntily, not a care in the world, while others sacrifice their posture, health and stress levels worrying about what's to come. We're talking about tax season, of course -- and how easy it is to tell the "already filed" group from the "still collecting deduction details" group. If the latter describes you, then we feel your pain: Getting your tax deductions together as an independent contractor is arguably the most painful part of the process. (Especially if you weren't filing your estimated taxes throughout the year ... and be honest: Who does that?) Here are some tips (and a checklist) to help take you from sad and shuffling to footloose and grinning -- and hopefully land some more money in your bank account, too. What can you claim? As an independent contractor (which defines the majority of real estate agents), the good news is that if you've kept track of your expense...