21 common objections (and how to handle them) for real estate agents

The most frequent 'why I can't be your client right now' stories you'll hear -- and what to say next

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LAS VEGAS -- "With all of my objection handlers, it's really about educating the consumer," said Anne M. Rubin at a session at One21, Century 21's conference. "It's not about giving them what they want." She offered 21 common objections that potential clients might offer up, along with responses for each of them. 1. We're not ready to list yet because we'd like to find a new home first. What you say: "Let's figure out what you need. Do you need to sell your current house to purchase a new home? "If I help you find your dream home before you've sold your current house, that offer would be contingent on the sale of your current property. Most sellers don't want to deal with a contingency, and even if the sellers accept your contingency offer, you'll have to pay more. Do you see why that's a weaker negotiating position? "Also, if you've signed a contract to buy a home and then you put your house up for sale, you're more likely to take less money for your current house b...