Special Report: How to turn Facebook into a lead generation machine

Featuring 16-plus marketing testimonials for harnessing the social media giant, real estate agents’ biggest mistakes and advice from the experts
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  • Video engages Facebook audiences the most, followed by property listings and images and infographics.
  • If a Facebook ad does well, keep investing in it and ride the wave.

How many of Facebook’s 1.86 billion users could be a real estate agent’s next lead? The social media top dog is a well-recognized platform for real estate professionals to communicate with consumers, attract buyers and sellers and create their personal and business brand. The key is turning agents’ management of their Facebook advertising from a Wild West scene into a well-oiled machine -- without losing that human touch. As one respondent put it: “People don’t come to Facebook to ‘shop’ for a home; they come to Facebook to ‘shop’ for a person. People use Facebook to find out who you are as a person and use that to make their decision.” Amid concern from survey respondents that the Facebook real estate market has become saturated and industry ads are becoming “white noise” to consumers, those who are getting the most out of it are measuring and tracking what they do, posting consistently, investing more in ads that garner a good response and upping the ...