Special Report: How to build (or find) the ideal agent training program

Not only are new agents needing more support in training, those at the mid level tier and upper tiers need to put up their hands for help with running and building their businesses.
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  • Brokerages can offer to help new agents by providing a mentor, lead generation training, tech training and a boot camp to kick things off.
  • Social media training and coaching can also be very helpful to a cross-section of agents.
  • The most challenging business areas for experienced agents -- and, therefore, where they need training -- is in running and managing a real estate business.
  • The training seen as most important to general agent success is time management and lead generation.

“Most Realtors don’t have experience being the CEO of themselves. But they think that it is something that everyone can do naturally.” That’s what one experienced broker from a New Jersey team had to say in Inman’s latest special report survey*, which asked respondents about the training and education that real estate agents need to be successful. Agents would like to have better education and support in the real estate industry at every level, according to the survey. From newbies to veterans Respondents provided a laundry list of how to improve training for agents across the board, digging deeper into what -- or who -- the most vulnerable new agents need, as well as the areas of training and coaching that those midway and nearing the top of their careers still need. In order to give new agents more support, the suggestion of a new agent bootcamp received an enthusiastic response from agents and brokers in this survey -- with the proviso that there be good foll...