Agent’s text message marketing experiment elicits that rare thing: A response

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Editor's note: STL Real Estate Group has ceased this marketing campaign after only a couple of days, the company told Inman, and asked that we take the story down. It will remain on the site, but Inman will be taking a deeper dive into the legal risks surrounding text message communications and privacy law this week. On April 25, STL Real Estate Group released an official statement about the marketing campaign, noting that "As of April 25th, STL Real Estate chose to discontinue their text message marketing efforts after leaving a voicemail to individuals. Moving forward messaging will only go out to individuals who specifically request it." "Do you have any interest in selling? My contact information is attached." A text message to potential sellers may not work for every market, but Jim Manning, co-founder of STL Real Estate in St. Louis, is finding some success with a text campaign he recently launched. The marketing effort was designed to identify potential sellers in the...