5 opportunities to use Facebook for lead generation

  • Facebook search can target leads with keywords.
  • Facebook Ads are a gold mine for lead generation.

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As real estate agents, we invest a lot of time and money trying to convince people to buy what we’re selling. Unbeknownst to many of us, there are hundreds of potential homebuyers in the untapped well that is Facebook. … And almost no agents are reaching out to them. Whether these people have yet to speak with a real estate agent or are unhappy with their current one, you’ve been given a great opportunity to fill that role. Taking advantage of this tool is a no-brainer When was the last time you used the Facebook search tool for something related to your real estate business? You already know it’s an easy way to connect with friends and find groups to join, but it can also be an extremely powerful lead generation tool. Here’s how to use it to reach leads within minutes: To find free real estate leads on Facebook, just search: + . Keywords: house hunting; buying a house; house buying For seller or buyer leads, search: + . Keywords: selling a home; se...