From underdog upstart to high-tech brokerage: Home61's entrepreneurial rise

A tech-forward Miami firm is taking a page from Silicon Valley in its approach to business and training
  • Home61, which runs on in-house transaction technology, tripled its agent count in 2016.
  • The firm's new training program is modeled after the startup accelerator model and is doubling agents' success in its early stages.
  • In return for high-quality leads and more, agents pay 50% of their commissions to Home61, a setup that highlights the broad spectrum of successful models that comprise the industry.

Home61 was founded by a group of five tech entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds. They set out to eliminate the inefficiencies in the real estate market with their agent and consumer tech platform, and invested and built the technology to automate the transaction — from e-signature enabled contracts to automatic escrow and scheduling. Home61 tripled its number of agents from 10 to 30 in 2016, and as of this year currently serves 40 agents total with an 80 percent retention rate.