Do you really need Facebook on your phone?

  • A break from social media can be good for connecting with people.

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Social media has been and continues to be a powerful tool for real estate agents and other professionals. We can meet people, build relationships and keep our names out there so that people will connect with us when they need help buying or selling real estate. Platforms come and go, but Facebook sticks around and has become a central hub for our electronic lives. This social media giant seems like an electronic octopus that has its tentacles in everything; it grows and consumes more and more of our time, data and battery life every single day. The breaking point Last winter I decided enough was enough. I was spending too much time looking at screens and, while it may have been helping my business, I felt it was causing physical and mental damage. The physical damage was from looking at the screen. The mental -- or psychological -- damage was from what I was seeing and reading, and the fact that my short attention span was getting even shorter was another red flag. I opened...